Patients who want the life-changing benefits of dental implants must first meet the candidacy requirements. If you live in or around Bloomington, IL, and have been told that you lack sufficient upper jawbone tissue to receive one or more implants, you may be a candidate for a sinus lift. This safe and effective procedure restores bone mass near the implant site using donor bone tissue or grafting material while also lifting the sinus membrane to make room for implants. 

Your safety is important to us. Drs. Jay Chrisman and David Wyse employ the latest in dental technology, including digital 3D x-rays, to plan treatments like dental implant placement and sinus lift surgery.

What Are the Benefits of Sinus Lift Surgery?

Patients who undergo this restorative treatment at our Bloomington dental practice can benefit from:

  • A safe treatment: Sinus lift surgery is commonly performed for a variety of reasons. By working with our knowledgeable and experienced dental team, you can expect a very low risk of side effects or complications following surgery.
  • Restored oral health: If you have suffered bone atrophy due to periodontitis, tooth loss, trauma, or another issue, sinus lift surgery can add strength to your upper jaw while minimizing your risk of a ruptured sinus membrane during implant surgery.
  • Candidacy for dental implants: Once you have fully recovered from sinus lift surgery, one of our doctors will schedule your dental implant placement. Dental implant-supported restorations feel and function like natural teeth, and the implant posts prevent further bone atrophy.

Am I a Candidate?

The majority of patients who want implants but lack sufficient bone tissue in the upper jaw are good candidates for sinus lift surgery. Often, these individuals have sinus membranes that are naturally positioned near the ideal implant site, which raises the risk of a dental implant rupturing the sinus membrane. Another factor that commonly leads to low jawbone density or a low-positioned sinus membrane is the loss of one or more teeth, which causes the bone tissue to recede.

During your exam at our Bloomington dental practice, one of our doctors will use advanced imaging technology to closely examine the structure of your teeth, upper jaw, and sinus membrane. If the position of your sinus membranes puts you at risk for dental implant failure or membrane rupture, you may need to undergo sinus lift surgery.

This safe and effective procedure restores bone mass near the implant site while also lifting the sinus membrane to make room for implants. 

Procedure Overview

To help patients relax during their procedure, our office can provide multiple sedation options. Before your procedure begins, local anesthesia will be used to completely numb the treatment area. Once you are comfortable, an incision will be made in your gums that allows the doctor to access your jawbone. Donor bone tissue or grafting material will be used to reinforce the atrophied areas of your jaw and to lift the sinus floor to a higher position.

A biocompatible membrane will be placed to ensure that surrounding gum tissue does not interfere with the donor bone or grafting material during the healing process. Once your sinus floor has been lifted and reinforced, incisions will be sutured. Full recovery can take three to six months. During this time, the donor bone or grafting material will fuse with the surrounding bone tissue. Once you have fully healed, your dental implant placement surgery can be scheduled.

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If you have been suffering due to tooth loss, we are here to help you experience the many benefits of dental implants. If you are interested in dental implants, or if you have been told you may be a candidate for a sinus lift, contact our dental practice online or call (309) 663-6393 today.

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