BriteSmile® Teeth Whitening System

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Tooth whitening with the BriteSmile® teeth whitening system is a quick and easy way for our patients in Bloomington, Peoria, Champaign, and Decatur, Illinois to enhance their smiles. By removing the stains and discoloration that can build up over time and make teeth appear dull or yellowed, BriteSmile® can brighten teeth by an average of eight shades in a single office visit. Teeth whitening can also add impact to the results of Invisalign® or other orthodontic treatments.

Chrisman & Wyse are proud to offer a highly effective in-office teeth whitening solution. In just one dental visit you can enjoy a smile that is several shades whiter. This is a great standalone treatment, or can be combined with other restorative or cosmetic dental services. View more of our videos or read reviews of our practice.

How BriteSmile® Teeth Whitening Works

The process of whitening teeth with BriteSmile® is simple. The dentist will carefully apply a whitening gel to the patient’s teeth. This gel contains 15 percent hydrogen peroxide, which is a lower concentration than what many teeth whitening products use, making it safer and gentler on tooth enamel and gums. To maximize the whitening gel’s effectiveness, a special blue light is shined on the teeth for 20 minutes while the patient relaxes in the dentist’s chair. The light does not get hot. It is not a laser or an ultraviolet light. It is simply a soothing blue light that is designed to work with the BriteSmile® teeth whitening gel. This is one of the many advanced technologies utilized by Dr. Chrisman and Dr. Wyse for maximum patient comfort. The process is repeated two, three, or sometimes four times during the office visit and the patient has a dazzling, brighter, whiter smile.

Why the BriteSmile® Teeth Whitening System is Safe

Unlike at-home teeth whitening products, which use a slow, gradual process to whiten teeth, tooth whitening with the BriteSmile® teeth whitening system allows our patients from the Bloomington, Peoria, Champaign, and Decatur, Illinois areas to significantly whiten their smiles in a single office visit. BriteSmile® is also safer than at-home products (which can potentially cause irritation, damage to the enamel and gums or inconsistent results) because our specially trained cosmetic dentists have the knowledge and experience to prevent such occurrences.

Maintaining Your Smile after Tooth Whitening

Once teeth have been whitened, keeping that smile bright may be as simple as using a whitening toothpaste and practicing good oral hygiene. Dr. Chrisman and Dr. Wyse also provide general dentistry services, so be sure to visit us for regular cleanings. For patients who really want to keep their teeth shining white, it may be advisable to avoid foods, beverages, and products that are known to stain teeth, such as coffee and tobacco.

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