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Dental bridges are a solution for patients missing one or more consecutive teeth. Chrisman & Wyse offer custom bridges that blend in beautifully with your smile. Their restorations are strong, and can last for years to come.

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Bridges, in my mind, are best indicated for patients that are missing a tooth or a couple of teeth where the adjacent teeth have restorations, have old fillings or are broken down, teeth that are not virgin teeth. I like to put bridges on teeth that are strong and healthy but teeth that have had some work done on them previously. So I put crowns on those teeth and the crowns support one bridge that replaces the missing teeth. A bridge ideally functions and looks just like the natural teeth that it's replacing. The patients are very happy with the bridges. We can make bridges now that don't have metal, that are all tooth-colored, that look beautiful. They are strong and they last for many years.

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I love my "new teeth." I feel so much better about my smile. The staff at Dr. Chrisman's office was very friendly and professional. I would recommend them to anyone looking for excellent dental care. Jennifer B

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