A Dental Patient Praises Chrisman & Wyse


In this testimonial by our dental patient, Diane Fields, she talks about the great experiences she has had at Chrisman & Wyse for over 12 years. She has had a number of procedures performed, and loves coming to the dentist. She regularly recommends friends to Chrisman & Wyse.

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My name is Diane Fields. I've been coming to Chrisman & Wyse Dental for 12 years. It's been actually 12 excellent years because I've got outstanding dental care and also I've been treated so well by the staff and the doctors. It's a place I always like to come. Some of the procedures I've had done here is I had the Bright Smile, I had my two front teeth fitted with veneers, and I also had my silver fillings of 23 years replaced with the white ones, so now I don't have to worry about any of my teeth cracking since those were fixed. The doctor explained everything; how long it would take, what the procedure would be. He also told me with my whitening, I had a little bit of grey in my teeth so mine wouldn't be as white but he'd get them as white as possible. The whole procedure for the brightening was really easy. You put on glasses and you watch a DVD while it's all going on so it's very easy. And then the veneers, I've had a couple sets just because I've had some movement in my teeth. I absolutely love coming to the dentist. Most people get their teeth cleaned two times a year. I get mine done four times a year. When I tell people I'm going to the dentist they all make a face. I'm like, "No, I love going to my dentist." It's like a great place to be. The staff's great. The doctor's great. Everyone gets along. It's very professional. Usually at Christmastime I bring cookies to my two favorite places. One of them is my veterinarian's office and the other office is this office. I bring cookies and things that I make for them because I like them all so much. Anytime I hear someone say that they're dissatisfied with their dentist or they're looking for someone new, I always tell them to come to Chrisman & Wyse Dental. I say they'll be very happy not only with the doctors and the staff but with the results that they get when they come here.

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I love my "new teeth." I feel so much better about my smile. The staff at Dr. Chrisman's office was very friendly and professional. I would recommend them to anyone looking for excellent dental care. Jennifer B

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